Sunday, August 24, 2008

Update and Rehaul?

Thanks to the readers of this blog. The problem with this concept was that I was bringing you the sites that link you to free items. And the problem with that is that there are a very limited amount of quality sites out there. I didn't find them all but I found all the ones I could. It's painstaking to find five or six quality sites and then research and write about them. So, I'll be updating all the links in one big long write up. No write-ups just the links. I'll make sure they all work and still go where they are supposed to. That way the blog will always be able to give you a way to get to those sites without a million bookmarks.

And I can either start a new blog where I will actually link you to the free samples themselves or I can just overhaul this one. I don't have enough readers to help me decide so I'll just think about it and decide by the end of the month. At that time, I will either do up a big post and then retire this blog with full honors or I will do the write up and begin the new phase of the blog. If I do get people passing by who have an opinion, feel free to let me know!.


Irene said...


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Anonymous said...

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