Thursday, January 10, 2008

Free Samples -- January Week 2

Hey faithful readers of Free Sample Quest. You might be noticing some big changes soon. Here's the first, Free Sample Quest will now updated weekly! What you talking about blogger, you might be asking. Well it's simple, there are so many great free sample and software sites out there that updating once a month just wasn't cutting it. So now you get %75 more free stuff for the price of %0! Second is the delivery of those sites. A new theme and more content for you to enjoy. Freebie Site of the Month and My Favorite Freebie will now be posted at the end of each month in their very own edition.

Plus an exciting contest for other bloggers and site owners. For every non spam comment you make, you win a chance to be that months Honorary Mention. Which includes not only being part of Site of the Month and My Favorite Freebie edition but also gives you the opportunity to write your OWN ad! *Please keep in mind that if your site or blog is about anything offensive such as porn (pictures) or hate speech then you aren't eligible to win. Make sure you leave contact information. I test my links constantly to see if they are working but if you find one that I have missed please contact me so this can be rectified.

So without further ado, here are the freebies!

Mr. Freeloader

Mr. Freeloder is a website to check out but with lots of caution. This is another site that makes no distinction between free and free* so be careful what you click on. One link brought me to some website that wanted to download a toolbar. If you have the patience to wade through the free* offers then check out this site. It does have some quality freebies. It's an even split between legitimate freebies and avoid at all cost "freebies". 5/5


When a freebie site lists as one of it's facts "we don't post offers that aren't 100% free" you know it's a keeper. This is an easy to use site that offers some interesting freebies as well as the more standard ones. The only issue you might have with this site is that there are a number of broken or expired links. But none leading to a freebie hunters foe, the fill out a survey for a gift, site. Thunderflap is going on my daily check list and I suggest it goes on yours. It has an optional weekly newsletter. Update on that next time. 9/10

All 4 Free Freebie Tree

A large site that sincerely wants to bring you free samples. Right on the front page you are encouraged to contact the webmaster with broken or expired links so non of those here. This a general freebie site with it's share of bad freebies but the majority are great. It does link to trial offers but explains why they are listed and what your freebie will be. It will take some time to go though each category and link on this site but it's worth it to find the freebie gold. 8/10

1 Stop Free Shop

While this isn't a traditional freebie site it deserves a mention. It's best freebies are the craft, needlework, and woodcraft pattern links. It does have some nice home and family freebies available for you to check out as well. So check this one out for family friendly and creative freebies. 6/10

A Huge Deal

This is not a freebie site. But this site is full of coupon codes. The majority of this site seems like a giant advertisement but in reality it's a site simliar to mine. I take you to freebie sites and they take you to sales. How long the sale is on for, what the sale is about, and if possible the coupon code to get you some interesting offers. For the general freebie hunter this isn't the site for you. For those that actually WANT to buy items at sale prices then then it is. The best part that everyone is encouraged to check out is the store reviews. Whether your buying over the internet or just walking in, who couldn't use a review of the store. 7/10

Dream Freebies

A small site with only a few freebies. But the ones that are here are worth checking out. This site will only take a few minutes to check out and you really should. The site itself is pleasant to look and it and easy to get through. A nice little site with a few quality freebies. 6/10

Baby University

Family friendly and baby freebies are the specialty of this site. While they are limited on what they offer for samples, the samples are a lifesaver for new parents. The freebie links are easy to find and they are truly free. A true must see for parents new and old. 9/10


None this week


C-Squared said...


wanted to say thansk for reading and commenting. :) I forgot to mention how to limit volume in iPods, so here's a link.

Also, this is one of my favorite sites to find Freebies.

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