Sunday, November 25, 2007

Free Samples -- November

Welcome to the November edition of Free Sample Quest. It's taken me awhile to gather more reputable sites but I've done it. Plus I have a few more tips to make your freebie hunting experience worthwhile and fun. So make sure you bookmark my blog because December's is right around the corner. And don't forget to come back December 1st for some Christmas themed freebies. A few notes this month. Some sites will bring you only true freebies and some will bring you to anything that has the word free in it's name. When going for freebies please be careful. Freebies will NEVER require a credit card with very few exceptions.

When actually going for a freebie from a site never tell them that you were linked there from a freebie site. Many great freebies have been taken down because the company offering the product didn't intend them for freebie hunters. And last note this month. If there is a freebie from what looks like it will be coming from an individual or a non-profit organization and you do NOT need or want the item then do not order it. People and non-profits go through a lot of trouble to make something nice for people that really need or benefit from something. So think before you order. Now on to the freebies!

Twisted Branches

Twisted Branches is a wonderful site full of great freebies. Not to mention it's a great site to look at. It's neatly laid out into easy to check out categories. The best part about this site is the very first paragraph which states

"Welcome to Twisted Branches - Home of the Real Freebies where everything listed on our site is always 100% Free and there's never a hassle to sign up for anything! You won't have to complete another offer to receive your free stuff, and you won't find any of those "yes-yes," "no-no," type questionnaires here either. Those aren't real freebies and we just don't put them on our site!"

Any site that tells you right away that they don't deal in free* offers plus gives you an email to contact in case that happens is a reputable site. The big plus on this site is the forum. Which has great members and lots of great stuff. This site also features a monthly drawing, a chatroom, and recipes. There is a optional newsletter to sign up for. I haven't signed up so I don't know if it's spammy. This is a must see site! 8/10

Zenas Freebies

Zenas Freebies is a site that has a lot of listed freebies but the site itself can be a bit confusing to check out. There are a lot of links to various things but the main thing to check out are the day links. Each freebie is listed under the day it came out. While checking out the freebies I came across true freebies and free* offers. And one that linked to some kind of offsite freebie newsletter. Check this site out but with caution. If you click a link it says anything about completing offers then click the x. This site does have a disclaimer at the bottom stating: All of the Free Stuff listed is free to the best of my knowledge. So links to bad freebies is almost surely unintentional. This is also a good site for international freebie seekers as it links to Canada and UK freebies. There is a newsletter but once again I have not signed up yet so I can't tell you if it's spammy. 6/10


FreebieCat is really well put together site. It's easy to use. This site links not only to the basic freebies but also deals for different items such as book club deals or picture prints deals. This is a solid site and a must see. Check everyday for new freebies. There is an optional newsletter. It delivers about 2-4 newsletters a month. Don't forget to check out the adorable cat of the day! 7/10

Freaky Freddies

Welcome to Freaky Freddies Funhouse of Free Stuff and Freebies. Freaky Freddies is a huge site with 72 categories. But this site a huge ?. Right on the front page are many links to free* offers. This is a site that seems to make no distinction between free and free*. It's probably split right down the middle between good quality freebies and crap. But this is by no means a crap site to write off. It has it's redeeming qualities. The person who runs the site seems to honestly want to give you only the best freebies and the site itself is a pleasure to see. The newsletter is somewhat spammy but of course it is opt-in and it a fun newsletter. I wonder if the guy who runs it is a barber? 5/10

Free Stuff Time

Free Stuff Times is another really nice put together site with easy to navigate categories. The huge plus on this site is that after each sample are comments left by users. This is a must check everyday site. As one of the authors wrote after a freebie: "Not much more to say about this". It's an awesome site and links only to great freebies. It has the option to register for the site but you don't have to be registered to leave comments. 10/10


TeenFreeway is a great site for teens. A lot of these freebies are intended just for the younger set and ask for a date of birth when ordering but some can be used by people of all ages. The language used on the site is proof that's geared for teens. Good site and must check out. It does offer a newsletter and it's in no way spammy. 8/10


The main point of this site is the forums. And they do not disappoint. The forums are divided into countries so this is a great site for international freebie seekers. This site offers the basics in the freebie universe but they are all posted by users of the forum. So no free* offers here. The owner even goes so far as telling people not to post those on the site. This is a reputable forum that gets a huge thumbs up for monitoring the posts. You don't have to register to check out the freebies but it is recommended. 9/10


This is another forum. The plus of course is that there no fake freebies here. They are all posted by users. The only drawback to this is that you will find a bunch of expired freebies but they are usually spotted pretty quickly by other users. This is a basic user forum where you don't have to register to check it out but it is recommended. The great thing about forums that you can sometimes strike gold and find the best freebies that the actual sites don't have listed. 9/10

Hey, It's Free

Hey It's Free is a blog run by a few people. But it doesn't make it any less great. It links right to the freebie itself versus my blog which links you to the site and is run only by me =) What makes this site awesome is the freebies are listed with commentary from the writer. So you know the freebies are going to be genuine. It looks great and is well organized. This is another must check everyday. There is an optional newsletter sign up but I haven't gotten a chance to sign up so I can't tell you if it's spammy.10/10

Animal Rescue Site

Okay this is not technically a freebie for you. But it for a rescued animal. Click this link everyday and the sponsers will donate food to rescued animals. You don't have to do anything, just click the link and you've donated. This is a great way for those of us who really can't donate money to make a difference. A must click every day.

Thank You — your click has been counted!

You have given .6 bowls of food to rescued animals. 10/10


Like the link above this is a great site. It's a way to donate food to needy families and get a little smarter. For every word you get right the site donates 10 grains of rice to hungry people. It may not seem like a lot but I was able to donate 2000 grains of rice in about 30 minutes. It's fun, free, and life affirming. A must check everyday. 10/10


* now has an optional newsletter. No spam and about one email a week.

* is still up and running but has many broken and old links when it comes to tv shows.

* is now It was incorrectly listed as being two different sites in last months blog. no longer exists and is staying up to let people know of the new site.

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