Sunday, September 16, 2007

My Quest for Free Samples

Recently I found many sites that offer free samples. Some offer specific samples and some offer free software. This is my quest to get free samples.

Anything I post is free with no strings attached. People will be amazed at what you can get for free. At what companies will offer to draw you in and buy their product. Try before you buy is a personal motto of mine. And most companies will let you try before you make that decision.

I am not responsible for any of these sites. I am merely providing links to sites that I personally use. All these sites are self explanatory but you should always read all information given. When signing up for
anything please read all the small print. Most if not all of these sites have links to other free sites on them. I have not evaluated these sites. Once again, the sites I put here are sites that I have looked over and recommend.

Remember, never pay for a free* sample. If you're paying for shipping and handling then it's not free. And if you have to sign up for free* offers to get your sample then click the x and move on.

If you have other sites you'd like to recommend then let me know. Plus I'll be adding to this every so often to bring you only quality freebie sites.

To become a true freebie seeker there are a few things that you will need. Many sites that offer you a free sample require you to sign up for a newsletter. You have many options. You can simply wait for them to come and spam them. You can wait and unsubscribe. But most companies
will sell your email. So neither of these is really a good option.

Must Haves For Freebie Seekers

A "spam" email. This is an email you use when you need to sign up to receive a sample. Simply set up a free email (I suggest gmail because it has no limit) and you're ready to go. This is the address that will be spammed like nuts but since you won't use this email for anything other then spam you don't really need to check it very often. Either once a month to keep it active and delete the spam or right after you sign up as some samples require you to confirm your email.

2. An autofill. Any freebie seeker can tell you how annoying it is to fill out form after form. Depending on the browser you're using, you should have some sort of autofill. And they're definitely useful but to be ready to fill out form after form, you need the ultimate autofill. Roboform not only lets you fill out all forms with one click but will also save all your logins. The best part is that it's completely free to use. The free version saves 10 logins whereas the pro version saves them all.


MySavings offers the best overview of free samples out there. It's neatly organized into easy to navigate categories. This site does not require you to sign up. But to be able to rate the samples on the the site itself, registration is required. I have been a member for several months and have received absolutely no spam from this site. A plus for this site is the forum. The forum has freebies that are not listed on the main site. Plus it has the feedback of the users. Such as, which samples never come and which ones are not what was promised. 10/10


YesAll4Free is another site that offers an easy to use site. The samples here are diverse but don't update all that often. The best part about this site is The Free Vault. A newly updated daily list of freebies. The samples featured on this page are there for only one day then are replaced. For new freebies, check this page daily. This site requires no sign up. 7/10


This one is interesting. It has the basic categories but also some unique ones. Such as browsers, guestbooks, and screensavers. This one has alot to go through so take some time to check out. This is one of the few sites out there that actually give you an email if you have questions. This one is pretty solid. This one requires no registration but there is an option to receive the newsletter in email format. I have not yet signed up for the email so I can't evaluate if it's spammy. 8/10


This is another interesting site. This one brings you more unique freebies and samples. Ones that you won't find on other sites. Such as a link to I'd say your chance of actually finding a millionaire to date is pretty slim but hey, it's fun to dream. This one also has page that is updated everyday. While some of the samples on this site are great and interesting, this site will also bring you to free* samples. So don't get to excited. Just check out each offer thoroughly and you should be fine. 6/10


This is the ultimate in free software. Filehippo can get just about everything for free. Accidentally deleted Quicktime and you suddenly need Itunes and a Microsoft Tweak? Then you can find it all right here. This is one of the ultimate sites for those of us who either want to try something out before you buy it or you just don't want to pay for it. This software is clean and stable. A must see. 10/10


This is the site to go if you want to watch free movies (some of which are still in theaters), free shows, cartoons, and everything in between. This site is a list of all the free movie and tv watching sites with ratings of each one. The first one listed is one of my favorites. Another must see. 10/10


Love to read? The this site is definitely for you. The Burgomeister's Books are ebooks that a truly giving person is lending to us for free. The list is huge and it's easy to use. Just download and unzip the file. This site is free and no registration is required. While it is free this site is being run by one person. There is a paypal banner at the bottom for donations. This is a site that I would to donate to. 10/10


This is a site entitled 22 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Get for Free. This one is great. It lists real life items you can get for free. Certain times of the year you can get free ice cream and coffee. You can get free photos and even free classes at MIT! Check it out for some great ideas. 9/10


This is possibly the coolest website I've visited in a while. Need some high priced software? Well, wait a few weeks and it might end up here. Everyday you can download a piece of software for free for exactly 24 hours. This is not trial software. This is the full product. It's also not some weird software you'll never use and never heard of. A company will put it's software up for free for one day, you can can download it and use it free and clear. Of course you don't get the updates or the technical support but the software is free. Plus the sister site, Game Giveaway of the Day offers a free game everyday. This is a must check daily. 10/10


Walmart occasional offers great free samples. It rarely updates though. The pluses on Walmart samples are that they come very quickly and it's always a full sample. This is a good one to check maybe once a week. No registration required but you can sign up on the site. 5/10


This site is wonderful for people who make purchases on the internet. This site lists coupon codes that will get you free items and huge discounts on orders. It also includes the success rate of each coupon. For instance they have a coupon that will get you 10% off one item with an 85% success rate. It has a handy search feature. A must see. 9/10

The Freebie Source

This is a really nice put together site. It doesn't have a huge amount of freebies (about 200) but it seems to be growing. This is great site to spend about an hour checking out. No registration required but there is an option to sign up for the newsletter. 6/10


This site looks pretty new. It doesn't have alot of freebies but it is updated everyday and it does link to a few freebies that other sites don't. More traffic means a site grows and more freebies come along. So check out this site. No registration required. 6/10


This one is pretty big. It deals more with freeware software. The categories are intensive. This one will take a while to look through but there is a handy search function to skip the browsing. Be careful as this one does link to free* items. The freeware is solid stuff but other then that, best to just avoid anything else here. No need to register. 6/10

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